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I was sent to SportsCare Physical Therapy by Dr. Burrei. He diagnosed my neck pain as a result of a spinal curve. Before receiving physical therapy treatments I was in so much pain I could not turn my head to the right. After working exclusively with John Fox for two weeks my neck pain decreased. Following one month the pain was gone. The neck exercises that John taught me have increased my neck range of motion and I feel stronger than ever before. I highly recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy and I have already recommended two friends to see John. Thanks so much.
Joan Minniti
For several weeks prior to starting my therapy treatments at Sportscare, I was in terrible pain in my left shoulder. I decided to visit Dr. Harvey Finkelstein, a pain specialist. He strongly recommended physical therapy in lieu of medication or an operation. It was Dr. Finkelstien's recommendation that I come to SportsCare Physical Therapy and begin treatments with John Fox.

I have been receiving physical therapy treatments three times a week for the past month. I received a home exercise program which has helped decrease my right shoulder pain which was a result of a rotator cuff injury. The severe pain is gone. I thank Dr. Finkelstein for sending me to SportsCare and John Fox. SportsCare not only reduced my pain but prevented me from undergoing a painful operation on my shoulder. Hats off to SportsCare and John Fox-- they are number one on my list.
Joe Falcone
I was sent to SportsCare Physical Therapy by my orthopedist, Dr. Alpert. At first I was believed to have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder, but x-rays later discovered that there was no tear, just a strain. At first I was a little skeptical about the physical therapy, not expecting the results nearly as quickly as I got them. Before physical therapy, I could barely move my arm. Only 4 weeks later I'm almost 100% and I can fully rotate my arm. I gained total mobility and regained my strength. I would recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy to anybody who has muscle or joint-related problems. The results are fantastic and it helps reduce pain and fatigue. The entire staff was very nice as well.
Jason Piro
I was referred to SportsCare Physical Therapy by Dr. Mauri for neck and shoulder pain. I had trouble lifting my left arm without experiencing pain. The diagnosis was bursitis with a grade 2 impingement. After five weeks of therapy I no longer feel pain. The therapists at Sportscare Physical Therapy thoroughly assessed me and created a plan for me. The information was very educational, the treatment was very effective and the staff was very attentive. I would not hesitate to recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy to friends and family. Thanks guys!
Enrique Liboreiro
I was sent to John Fox Physical Therapist by Dr. Van Bosse from the Hospital of Joint Disease. I was diagnosed with spondylosis, a fracture in my lower spine.

I felt terrrible at first. It limited everything I did. My back was constantly sore. WOW! After being in SportsCare Physical Therapy for 6 weeks I feel great.

Due to John's extensive knowledge and dedication my back is hardly ever sore and I am able to do more activities. I would definitely recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy.
Chris Martinez
What can I say that hasn't been said by the patients of SportsCare Physical Therapy.
I had scheduled an appointment with a neurosurgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery with the potential for an operation on my low back for a herniated disc causing pain to travel down my lower leg.

But since I had 10 weeks to wait for the operation, a friend of my daughter recommended SportsCare Physical Therapy. At this point, I was taking 1200mg of ibuprofen as soon as I woke up in the morning so I would be able to walk with minimal pain and another 1200mg in the afternoon. My pain at this point was at a level 8.

I couldn't walk 30 feet without stopping to rest to relieve the tension in my left leg. My only relief was to lay down.

So I came to John Fox who said that if I gave him 6 weeks he would get rid of my pain or at least minimize it to an acceptable level - and I thought "yeah, right!" (I had already been to a physical therapist, and nothing worked).

But in seven weeks my pain is gone and has not returned. I cancelled my surgery. Thanks to John and the team of rehabilitation specialists who kept thinking I was a turkey wishbone while stretching me. But thankfully, they never split the wish bone and John kept his promise.

I extend to all of them, my gratitude and thanks for getting me pain free and allowing me to resume activities (i.e., golf, walking, etc.).
Jack Schmid
Just prior to Christmas 1999, I picked up my 4-year-old daughter and felt a muscle pull in my back. Unfortunately, four weeks later I experienced a fall which caused my existing muscle injury to worsen. I could no longer take the pain and weakness that I felt in my upper back so I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Mauri. He x-rayed my back, gave me anti-inflammatory medication (Celebrex) and prescribed physical therapy. This seemed to be the appropriate Rx for muscle strain as it was diagnosed.

John Fox was the physical therapist chosen for my rehabilitation. At first, the sessions included a combination of massage, strengthening exercises and ice. The later sessions included strengthening routines involving different machines and free weights. John was polite yet firm in his treatment approach. He understood that my emotions were frazzled. After all, as an athletic person, I spend much time between tennis and working out. My sports were my stress relievers and since I could not participate in them, depression set in. John knew he had to get my back strong again as soon as possible, so that I could get back to my routine of tennis and weight training. He tailored my exercises to increase my strength and flexibility in tennis. After several weeks, I felt that I was strong as ever. My PT sessions were now over. Several months later, my summer team won a trophy for finishing 1st place in an A division. I felt proud.

John Fox was a good part of my successful comeback in tennis. I realize that my physical therapy experience will always be a part of my life. John reinforced the notion that stretching and strengthening routines are not just a part of repairing an injury but should be a constant part of everyone's life. I observed both young and old going through this process and realized how important it is for life long fitness.

I have since and always recommend John Fox for physical therapy. His dedication, knowledge and personal attention makes him an "elite" physical therapist. Any patient of his is certainly in good hands.
Rhonda Levy
I was recommeded to SportsCare by a friend of mine. I told my doctor of my decision and he said he was pleased to hear where I was going. I had received a double total knee replacement by Dr Krauss. When I arrived for physical therapy I was hurting, tight, swollen and unable to walk without a walker. Following one day I was walking with a cane. After a few visits I was doing all my exercises and the range of motion of my knees was returning. I used the pool one time a week which was great. The pool really helped relearn what you forgot when it came to walking plus there was no pain in the pool.The one-on-one personal care is greatly appreciated and the friendliness and care is shown to its highest level. It's a pleasure to come to physical therapy. Thank you.
Mary Ellen Hribok
I was referred to SportsCare Physical Therapy by a friend of mine. My diagnosis was a torn ACL ligament with meniscus damage to the left knee. I initially started physical therapy with John Fox prior to surgery to build leg strength and increase my flexibility. This really helped me in my post-operative phase of my recovery. It has been one month since surgery and I have approximately 135 degrees of range of motion. Swelling and pain have decreased significantly and I am now working with John Fox to regain my leg strength.

I feel I am way ahead of schedule in my recovery thanks to John and his PT program. John is an extremely dedicated professional and works with all his patients to achieve maximim results. I would highly recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy.
Robert Supranowich
In September I totally ruptured my right Achilles tendon playing basketball. Dr. Piontkowski surgically repaired the tendon and I was in a cast for 6 weeks. Then the cast was removed, I searched for a local physical therapist to assist in my recovery. My insurance company gave me a few choices and one of the physical therapists I had to choose from was John Fox. When I called, he brought me in almost immediately. The first day I came in I was on crutches. I left that day walking on my own. John's facility gave me everything (and then some) I needed to get back to normal. His patients (including myself) have a close relationship with him and each other and that is something one can hardly find. After two months of therapy, I am almost at full strength. For an injury that takes six months to a year to heal I feel great at little over two months thanks to John. I recommend John to anyone that wants to feel at home on their way to recovery. Thanks John.
Wayne White

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